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Experience natural healing, weight management and overall wellness.

First Vita Plus Natural Health Drinks

TRY First Vita Plus Natural Health Drinks and experience natural healing from miracle plants such as Soursop (Graviola), known for killing cancer cells and Moringa Oleifera, packed with medicinal properties addressing obesity and malnutrition around the world.

From as little as $3.25 per sachet, you will be investing in your health and wellbeing!  BUY NOW or FIND OUT more.

Why buy from Our Health First?

Look for the importer's label
Look for the importer's label

Unlike many retailers selling cheaper First Vita Plus products, we operate under strict Australian import and consumer laws. 


For your safety, never buy products without the importer's label.  Our products are also supplied directly by the manufacturer so you can be sure they are GENUINE, SAFE and always FRESH.