Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1) How often should I drink First Vita Plus juices?

To maximise the benefits, take 2 sachets daily, preferably 30 mins before breakfast and dinner.

For diabetics - Take 1 sachet 30 mins before breakfast. After 1 week or when blood sugar stabilises, take another sachet before dinner.
For skin allergy sufferers - Take 3 to 4 sachets daily, cold or hot (do not boil).
For those on medication - Because of its natural ingredients, First Vita Plus has been known to help with many diseases without side effects. However it is always best to consult your doctor if you are taking regular medication or if diagnosed with a serious condition. Take up to 5 sachets daily.


2) Can my children drink the juices?


Absolutely!  Because First Vita Plus contain 100% natural fruits and vegetables, kids as young as less than 1 year old can drink the juices.  In fact, many parents have found that their kids' immune system became stronger when regularly drinking the juices.  Some parents claim that the juices help avoid a full blown sickness when they give their kids the juices during the first sign of colds and cough.


3) I'm a diabetic, can I drink the juices?

Doctors recommend a reduced intake of the juices on the first week for diabetics.  Once people have seen a reduction on their blood sugar levels, they start increasing their intake.  Guyabano (Soursop) and Lite Dalandan flavours are best for diabetics.


4) Are First Vita Plus juices good for weight loss?


First Vita Plus Natural Health Drinks are not formulated for weight loss but for improving one's health as a natural alternative supplement to help improve the immune system, assisting in the recovery from ailments an diseases.


For weight loss / management, we recommend our new line of products called ISAGENIX.  To find out more, visit our Isagenix website.



1) How much do you charge for shipping?

The cost of shipping depends on the total weight of the products you purchase and your delivery address.  To find out how much your shipping will cost, check out our 'Shipping rates' chart on the right navigation panel of our website, under 'Resources'.


2) On checkout, the shipping charge was different to what was indicated on the shipping rates chart.  Why is that?


If you order multiple amounts of a catalogue item, the system multiplies the shipping cost by the same amount without taking the delivery location into account.  This is a limitation of our system however, if you were charged excess fees based on our published rates, we will refund the difference immediately back to your account once we receive your payment.  This is processed instantaneouly in PayPal.


Another option is to choose the 'Invoice' payment method upon checkout so we can send you an invoice with the correct shipping costs.  Remember, you can still use PayPal and other payment methods if you choose this option.


3) When will I receive my order?


You should receive your order between 3-5 business days within Australia once your order has been shipped.  For international customers, we should be able to advise delivery timeframes when you request for a quote.


4) Do you accept international orders?


Yes we do.  However, it is best to request a quote with details of your order and delivery address to  This way, we can give you the best possible price and delivery timeframe for your order.


1) Some individuals are selling juices at very low prices, why is that?


Be careful when buying cheap juices as there have been reports of 'FAKE' products.  Many sellers also don't comply with Australian consumer laws and are importing/selling these products illegally risking your health and safety.  Beware of these sellers and ensure that the products you buy have the importer's label affixed to each First Vita Plus pack.


Unlike others, we operate under strict Australian import and consumer laws; and each product bears our details.  They are also supplied to us directly by the manufacturer so you can be sure they are GENUINE, SAFE and always FRESH.

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